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Strong, brushless battery tools for industrial applications

After intensive development, they finally arrived The first swepro brushless batter impact tools! The new high-performance brushless battery impact tools are convincing with a high torque at low weight and compact design. The powerful SAMSUNG Li-ion Battery allows the greatest possible service life. This is additionally reinforced through the the energy-efficient control of the brushless motors. The tools convince with their exceptionally high Quality: The hammer mechanism is made of forged and tempered Steel (SAE8620) and contains a high proportion of Nickel. This results in a high surface hardness and strength for maximum life. Both tools are IP54 rated, which is why they provide complete protection against contact, as well as protection against dust deposits inside of the tools. In addition the devices are insensitive to splashing water.


  • Extraordinary light: 10-30% lighter than tools with brush motor
  • No Abrasion: low wear of the motor, low sound level
  • Powerful Li-ion battery: dorld's number one power tool by virtue of their performance. The extraordinary quality and safety has a positive effect on the performance of the tools
  • High efficiency: 30% more efficient than comparable tools with a long product life cycle